Ashes: MCC suspends three members after an argument in Lorde’s long room and Khawaja’s comments make sure you kick him out

During lunch, as the Australian players headed to the locker room through the long room, the broadcast footage showed Khawaja getting into a verbal altercation with several MCC members present and his kickoff partner getting on his defensive. According to The Times London, the southerner then pointed at one of the members, telling security: Make sure you kick him out.

Some of the things that came out of the MCC members’ mouths were really disappointing, Khawaja was quoted by Channel Nine after Sunday’s match. I wasn’t going to stand by and take it. Some of them were throwing around some pretty serious accusations, and if they continue, well, that’s your membership. I expect a lot more from the members.

According to reports in the UK, Cricket Australia has asked MCC to investigate the numerous incidents that occurred in the long room as players were walking to the locker room.

While England captain Ben Stokes called the scenes at Lord’s pretty crazy, former skipper Eoin Morgan was also shocked by what happened.

I came here, signed as a 16-year-old and played here my whole career. I had never seen scenes like this, especially in a long room. Never mind, all over the field. It feels tremendously frustrating, but I understand why. It’s complete naivety about what happened with Johnny Bairstow’s removal, Morgan told Sky Sports after the first session on Sunday. 14

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