Ashes: David Warner beats through pain to come close to saying goodbye to Sidney

After scoring 43 points in the World Test Championship final and 36 points in the first test, Warner feels his playing form is on an upward trajectory.

For the last six to eight months, I’ve been in complete control of my game, he told reporters.

I’m moving to the ball, my feet are moving. I’m giving my best effort. I’ve really worked on myself to have that movement to get access to the ball or to be brave and get down to the ball line and try to knock the bowlers off their line and length.

I feel like everything I do in the nets actually works out in the middle. I’m encouraged by that and I think if I can keep pulling in and maintain that momentum with my feet, a big ball may be just around the corner.

Inning at Lord’s with 88 balls helped Australia score 339 points out of five by the end of the game and was achieved despite Warner struggling with another of the many hand injuries that have plagued him in recent years.

It’s been banged up in the last two games and during set plays, so it’s a little sore right now, he said.

It’s a little bruised, but I’ll just see how we do after the game and I think we’ll get it looked at then. It’s pretty tender at this point.

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