Alastair Cook apologizes for spreading rumors about Alex Carey’s haircut

He says: One of them, I think his name is Alex. I said: Alex Cary, wicket?

He says: He didn’t pay. It was one of those barbershops where they only pay cash, and he promised him he’d make a transfer later that day.

True story. He may have already paid.

Adam Mahmood, who works at Doc Barnett’s Barbershop in Leeds, told The Sun: We don’t accept cards, and Alex said he didn’t have cash with him.

There’s literally a Tesco ATM around the corner that he could have run to.

He could have gone back to their hotel and been there no more than five minutes, but instead he said he would transfer the money.

Maybe he forgot. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, but if he doesn’t pay by Monday, I won’t be happy.

However, Cricket Australia spokesman and Steve Smith denied those rumors, making it clear that Carey hasn’t had a haircut or visited a barber since the World Test finals in London last month.

I can confirm that Alex Carey hasn’t had a haircut since we were in London. Get the facts right for The Sun, Australian vice-captain Steve Smith wrote in Threads.

Cook on Saturday apologized for the misunderstanding. ‘On a rainy day, there was a bit of buzz around, a bit of news about the haircut that may have been discussed on the radio that day,’ he said in an interview with BBC TMS.

A case of mistaken identity, so I apologize for the misidentification to Alex Carey.

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