After the booing, the captains pacify arguments about Johnny Bairstow’s stump

I thought it was fair. You see Johnny (Bairstow) does it all the time, he did it on day one with David Warner, he did it in 2019 with Steve (Smith), Cummins told reporters.

It’s really a common thing for keepers to do if they see a batter keep leaving his cage. Cares (Carey), full credit to him, he saw an opportunity, rolled him up on the stumps, Johnny left his cage. The rest is up to the umpires.

It was all in one motion, there was no pause or trickery. It was a catch, a throw, he said.

Stokes also wasn’t impressed with the hype surrounding the incident, though he added that he wouldn’t want to win that way at the end of an over, which the umpires usually call.

The first thing to say is out, Stokes said.

If I were a team captain, I would put a lot more pressure on the umpires and ask them what decision they made about the over and the spirit of the game, whether I want to potentially win the game when something like that happens – and I would say no.

But he said that overall he thought the game, which Australia eventually won by 43 points and led 2-0 in the five-test series, was tense and exciting and should not be reduced to one controversial moment.

It was a frustrating situation, but it was an incredible game and I don’t think we should talk too much about something like that.

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