After retirement, Heath Strick took up farming, organizing safaris

Here he was involved in farming and the safari business.

Conversation with Father Denis moved from line position, length and stitching to customers visiting Robins Farm, offers and discounts on bulk orders.

Most of the tourists visiting the farm were from the US, UK and Australia. People slightly familiar with cricket were always surprised.

They ask what I’ve been doing lately and I say I’ve been looking after the farm and the family safari business, Strick said in 2013.

Robins Farm, from where the Stricks run Enthokozozweni Safaris, is home to leopards, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, sables, horses, monkeys, jackals and numerous species of birds.

You can fish and enjoy the wildlife here. We are always concerned about people trying to poach our animals. We have to protect them, Strick added.

Streak took over the family business after his contract with Zimbabwe as a bowling coach was not renewed for financial reasons. It was an easy choice to return to his farm. Streak recalled his teenage years when he looked after the farm and sometimes acted as a safari guide. With 4,000 acres of land, he said, he has a lot to offer his clients.

We grow potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and everything you need for everyday life. At the same time, we have hundreds of head of cattle to care for

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