‘A bit like Headingley’: Nathan Lyon talks about how the umpire attacked him

There was also an appeal by Ben Stokes to lbw that was dismissed and Australia has no appeals left. After the test at Edgbaston, team captain Pat Cummins said he had that test at Headingley in mind.

Yeah, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it (about Headingley). We were on the other side of it in the last episode…it’s one of those times when you find yourself on the other side of it, it really hurts (and) feels like you’re gone.

A lot of those guys were there at Headingley. So to feel like we got a win that was out of our hands for a while is really nice, Cummins said after Australia took the first test.

Cummins also talked about how Lyon trained his strokes in the lead-up to the Ashes.

This is something we all practice. Nat (Lyon) spends a lot of time on that when he’s at home; he spends a lot of time on his pitching, even adjusting after the first inning, when we got a couple of hits and everybody went out there with a clear plan.

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