82% of people of Indian origin said they faced discrimination in English cricket: Report

87% of Pakistani and Bangladeshi respondents, 82% of Indian respondents and 75% of black respondents in our survey told us they had experienced discrimination, which is simply unacceptable, said Cindy Butts, chair of the Independent Cricket Equality Commission.

The Independent Commission was set up by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to examine discrimination and inequality in the game.The report also says that the structures of the game lead to racial inequality and discrimination, and the ECB heard many examples of stereotyping, exclusion and racist behaviour.

The report also states that the women’s game is seen as subordinate to the men’s game, and that women have little power, voice, or influence in the decision-making structures of cricket.

The report also highlights the lack of access to the game for children in public schools.

There is little or no attention to removing class barriers in cricket. Private schools dominate the talent pipeline, cricket is poorly represented in public schools and there are significant price barriers for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, the report says.

Cricket’s drinking culture has also led to problems, the report says.

The culture of Lacey-style drinking, which can sometimes make women vulnerable and expose them to unwanted or unwanted behavior, as well as alienate others because of religious and/or cult

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